Breast Infection

Breast Infection Symptoms

5 Breast Infection Symptoms and how to treat them naturally

Breast infection (mastitis) is causes severe pain to the breast. It causes your breast to become sore, hot, and red. The condition is highly common especially in breast-feeding women.

Many doctors recommend the use of antibiotics for treatment. The bad side of antibiotics is in addition to fighting the harmful bacteria; they can drastically affect your immune system and digestive health function. Granted, you can use antibiotics in the truly necessary situations.

Alternatively, you can use natural remedies to alleviate breast infection symptoms. Before looking at these remedies, here is a look at some of the breast infection systems you need to be on the lookout for:
Swelling of the breast
Muscle pains
High temperature
Feeling low and tired
Flu-like symptoms

Natural Remedy for Breast Infection Symptoms: Garlic

Garlic has always been a top choice when it comes to natural ‘antibiotics’. Raw garlic is highly effective at stimulating your immune system. It boasts a string antibacterial effect against any form of infection. In order to derive maximum benefits from garlic, you should take it raw. Try consuming 2-5 cloves daily, as much as you can possibly handle.

Natural Remedy for Breast Infection Symptoms: Echinacea Root

Echinacea is another effective immune booster. It’s very effective at treating mastitis. Experts recommend not more than half a drop dose per each pound of body weight. This means, for instance, 130 lb woman ought to take 65 drops. You can take the doze 3-5 times every day.

Natural Remedy for Breast Infection Symptoms: Poke Root

Poke root is a herb that’s been used for quite some time now due to its effective nature when it comes to treating pain and sickness. In fact, Native American Indians specifically use it to treat breast pain. It not only boasts antibiotic properties, it also has the ability to simulate your lymph system. In the end, you enjoy a better drainage as well as helping clear out the infection. You can use it in tincture form. Nonetheless, avoid using over two drops daily since it is very strong.

Natural Remedy for Breast Infection Symptoms: Cabbage Leaves

Most probably, you’ve heard about cabbage leaves as a remedy for engorgement whenever your milk comes first. However, it’s also highly effective when it comes to addressing infection. It’s effective when you use it immediately you spot the maiden signs of trouble. Continue using it even when the infection seizes. All you need to do is put a cool cabbage leaf on the inside part of your bra, directly against the breast. Next, leave it for one or two hours and then remove it. You can repeat the process several times throughout the day. However, do not leave it continually since it can affect milk supply eventually.

Note: Using it for some days on and off does not yield any adverse effects.

Other natural remedies for breast infection

The following are some of the other ways you can alleviate breast infection systems naturally:
Fermented cod liver oil – Take one teaspoon of cinnamon fermented cod liver oil two times per day. Your infection will disappear even before you know it.
Probiotics – Large probiotics doses are handy in helping keep your immune system strong.
Vitamin C – Whether you are in the house or traveling, carry Vitamin C capsules with you. For effective results, take them after every four hours until the entire infection is gone.
Water – Taking plenty of water is highly important when you’re fighting breast infection. By sipping water constantly, you’ll be able to keep your milk supply up in addition to helping the body fight infection.