How to reduce breast reduction scars Naturally


If you’ve undergone some kind of surgery on your breasts including mastectomy, reduction, or augmentation, it’s highly likely that you’ve got some scarring as a result of the procedure. Your scars might appear under the arm, on the breast’s underside or even around the nipple. The scar’s severity is affected by how well the skin heals after surgery. Your doctor can recommend a number of ways to help you eliminate the scars. Injections of steroids are one way to remove breast reduction scars. Laser therapy is a great alternative. However, if you aren’t into either of these scar removal methods, you can do it naturally.Using the natural means to eliminate scarring on your breast boasts a number of benefits. For starters, natural methods do not have any side effects … Additionally, most of them are highly affordable and readily available.

The following are the top 3 natural ways you can reduce your scars after breast surgery:

Natural Way #1 to Reduce Breast Reduction Scars: Use of Onion Extracts



Allium cepa or Onion extract is rich in antibacterial and inflammatory properties. This extract regulates the formation of collagen. In a study of 97 people using onion extract to improve the appearance of their scar, more folks that use the extracts discovered that their scars were less noticeable and softer.

Natural Way #2 to Reduce Breast Reduction Scars: Use of Aloe Vera



The aloe vera plant is highly popular for its natural anti-inflammatory properties. The plant boasts the ability to soothe and cool an irritated skin as well as help heal. A good number of people utilize it on burns because it’s effective at helping reduce scars appearance.

It is very normal for the texture, color, and size of your scar to keep on changing some years after surgery. This is because the dermis continues with the re-formation process under your scar tissue. According to experts, this might be the ideal time to apply aloe vera because it reduces the inflammation that’s associated with the ongoing healing.

The most effective method of utilizing aloe vera in this regard is by using it while in its pure gel form devoid of any additives. Just like with many other natural ways of reducing breast scars, the use of aloe vera doesn’t have any side effects. Many proponents consider this natural method effective.

Natural Way #3 to Reduce Breast Reduction Scars: Use of Argan and Caster Oil


breast reduction scars

Even though applying castor oil to your scar doesn’t promote the growth of new skin, it goes miles in softening the area. Possibly, it is handy in smoothing out some of notorious fibrous tissue. This way, it might help reduce the scar’s appearance as well as make it less noticeable.

The fact that castor oil doesn’t block pores is thought to assist in helping diminish the appearance of the scars. The oil is also effective at breaking up excess oil that’s produced by the body, which might be handy in reducing the scars too. Apply tiny castor oil amounts on your scar as you gently massage the affected area for just some few minutes. You can do it several times in a day in order to realize your goals. The main objective is to soften the scar tissue as well as lessen any inflammation. Massaging the area with castor oil promotes healing and circulation. Utilizing the oil reduces friction meaning you’re less likely to irritate the affected area.

Similar to castor oil, Argan oil is effective at helping soften the scar tissues and reduce its appearance. Even though this oil is not that popular in many countries, its medicinal, cosmetic, and nutritive properties cannot go unnoticed. The oil is traditionally extracted from the Argan tree nuts in Morocco. It boasts a rich balance of Omega 9 and Omega 6, which are essential fatty acids. It also contains phytosterols and phytonutrients that might offer anti-aging regenerative, protecting, hydrating, as well as healing power to your skin.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Argan oil can assist in everything from fortifying and revitalizing hair and nails, erasing wrinkles, and healing acne. The oil is also highly effective at protecting your skin against climate stress and sun damage – and enhancing the feel and look of your scars.

After looking at the top 3 natural ways of reducing breast reduction scars, it is also prudent to touch of other tips that can you reduce scarring after surgery. Here are some of the tips:
Always take it slow – You should purpose to protect surgical incisions from abrasion, excessive stretching, strain, and stress while healing for recovery. It not only helps to achieve the best result, it also minimizes scarring. Incline while resting – You should sleep in an incline position after surgery. What is meant by incline position? Your torso should be at a 25-40 degree angle. You can try to use the specially designed ‘wedge’ pillows. Alternatively, try prop-up on two to three bed pillows. Sleeping in a recliner is also preferred by many patients. Avoid hot showers – Moisture/steam and hot shower might prolong post-operation swelling. You need to stick with cool or warm water for the few weeks after surgery. Additionally, you ought to refrain from directing strong water streams of the surgical incisions or even nearby areas. Finally, keep any form of shower until your doctors tells you to do so. In most times, this can be one or two days after surgery. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol. Such habits normally interfere with the skin healing process. Moreover, they can worsen scarring. Ensure you abstain for not less than 2-4 weeks before and after your surgery. Limit your salt intake: Eat Healthy – Eat plenty of foods rich in vitamin K. Such include meal items such as eggs, lettuce, and yogurt. They help diminish inflammation.
Avoid the sun as much as possible – After your surgeon gives you an ‘OK’ for sun exposure, ensure you put on some sunscreen at all times. By exposing your incisions to the sun, you are prone to suffer from slow healing, increased scarring, irritation, or even hyper pigmentation. Keep off strenuous activity or exercise for some weeks – You should avoid lifting anything above your head. Furthermore, you need to refrain from participating in any form of strenuous workout for roughly 6 weeks. Returning to Work – Each breast surgery patient is different. Nonetheless, many patients normally return to work in 1-2 weeks after their breast reduction procedure The rule of thumb is to adhere to all the specific instructions of the surgeon. Doing so will make you have a smooth healing process. Additionally, it goes miles in ensuring you return to your normal life within the shortest time possible.

Many people are usually concerned about how to grapple with scarring after surgery. Their concerns are undoubtedly legitimate. While many ways of reducing scars associated with breast surgery are many, it is important to do your research first before applying anything on the scar. Failure to do so can cause more harm than good. The above 3 natural ways of eliminating and/or softening scars on or around your breast are highly effective.