How to Get a Good Night Sleep After a Breast Reduction Surgery?


When it comes to improving body image, breast reduction surgery offers gratifying and instantaneous results. That explains why it is a highly popular choice among a good number of women. Just like with any other surgery, recovering from a breast augmentation procedure is different among everyone.

Typically, the first couple of days after surgery will certainly be the most sore. Your doctor will instruct you to take as much rest as possible. You’ll be advised against lifting or pushing anything for several weeks. As you rest, sleeping is what you’ll be doing most of the time. Ample sleep ensures your body heals itself better as you rest. Furthermore, sleeping is an excellent way of passing time during recovery. The only important thing to remember to do is have someone wake you up in order to take meds, drink fluids or eat some healthy meals.

So how do you sleep after breast augmentation? Which are the best sleeping positions? How do you sleep without experiencing much pain? All these are common questions most patients have for their doctors.

Here is a look at how you should sleep after a breast reduction procedure:

How to Sleep after Breast Reduction Surgery Tip #1: Make Use of Pillows


Having two to three pillows on your bed not only helps you sleep comfortably, it also reduces pain, somehow. Fluffy pillows are the best. Have them under your head and upper back in order to keep your torso elevated. This goes miles in helping relieve pressure on the treatment area as well as reduce pain and swelling. Some patients opt to put a pillow under their knees so that it prevents them from rolling over at night. Others place a number of pillows alongside them in order to create some sort of recovery nest.

You can also try using the U-shaped pillows such as those used in airplanes. In addition to fitting perfectly around your body, they can also prop you up to a natural position that keeps you elevated. Let your doctor recommend the best one for you.

How to Sleep after Breast Reduction Surgery Tip #2: Sleep on Your Back


One of the pieces of advice your doctor will give you after surgery is that you sleep on your back. Many doctors suggest that you lay on your back with both the head and upper back elevated. You might have to do this until that time when swelling will die down. This can be anywhere between 1-2 weeks. After your doctor gives you the ok, you can change the sleeping position. The next best sleeping position is sleeping by your side. However, if you try to sleep by your side and still experience some form of pain, it means you aren’t ready. Therefore, you need to continue sleeping on your back.

How to Sleep after Breast Reduction Surgery Tip #3: Try Sleeping on Your Recliner


Are you the type that doesn’t mind sleeping in recliners? Get a horizontal recliner that goes back effortlessly to a half horizontal position. Such a recliner will provide the utmost support needed for a comfortable sleep. Additionally, it helps prevent your implants from having any problems.

After looking at how you should sleep after breast augmentation, it is also prudent to look at some sleeping tips that will surely come in handy in helping have a smooth recovery process. Here are some of them:

Consider purchasing an over-the-bed table – Because using and lifting your arms might be difficult, this table might be magical. It makes it easier to eat, write etc while on your bed.
Wear slippery pajamas – Satin sheets or slippery pajamas help you to effortless get out and in of bed.
If possible, rent a hospital bed – This is especially true of your recliner isn’t comfortable at all. With this bed, you can put a mattress pad and memory-foam topper on top of the hospital mattress; raise the back up so that you sleep on your back. It’s quite surprising how comfortable it can be.
Avoid some sleeping pills – Unless prescribed by your doctor, it’s prudent to keep any kind of sleeping pill. Some sleep aid may interact dangerously with the prescribed pain medication thus affecting your recovery process.
Use cold packs – Surgery traumatizes the tissue around your arms and breasts. Several days after surgery, you can put on 2 lightweight cotton sports bras and then slip a cold pack between them. Doing so can go miles in helping you enjoy a better and stress-free sleep.
Place a step stool by alongside your bed – At first, getting out and in of bed might be difficult. The healing side might take a couple of months to heal completely for you to roll on it. Having a small stool just next to your bed can make the process of getting out and in your bed easy. Nonetheless, you must make sure that it is stable.

After breast augmentation, there will be some period when you’ll be unable to enjoy some comfortable sleep. Discomfort and swelling will keep you awake at times during the night. Even though is it quite difficult for some women to sleep after surgery, some sleeping positions can help you sleep more comfortably … Sleeping might be uncomfortable for a couple of days after surgery. However, many people normally get used to it. Depending on how you are healing and your body type, it will be just a matter of months before you resume your regular sleeping positions.