How To Get My Breast Reduction Surgery Covered by Insurance?


Disproportionate and extremely large breasts, as well as breast tissue affects many women. It can interfere with an array of basic functions such as sleeping, exercising, standing, or sleeping properly etc. The excess tissues normally pulls on your shoulders and back hence causing difficulty in lifting, poor posture, swelling, pain and tenderness.

Surgical procedure can help address this issue. Breast reduction is handy in helping relieve most of the systems associated with the condition. Breast reduction procedure can be costly. In order to bring down the cost, your insurance provider can dig in. Here are some tips to help you get your breast reduction procedure covered by insurance:

How to Get Breast Reduction Surgery Covered By Insurance Tip#1: Obtain a Letter from your Surgeon


You need to prove that you need to undergo breast reduction procedure because of health reasons. Therefore, your surgeon must prove that you are doing the procedure only for health reasons and nothing more. She or he ought to specify the exact reasons for surgery. The professional should also indicate how the procedure would be of help to you. He or she can use medical reports and tests to back up the information he provides. So why is this very important?

It is very rare for any insurance company to pay for cosmetic procedures. Therefore, there is utmost need for proof that you are about to undergo the procedure for strictly valid medical reasons.

How to Get Breast Reduction Surgery Covered by Insurance Tip#2: Always keep Receipts from your Chiropractor


Often, excess weight around the breast region can be stressful to your neck and back areas. Consequently, a good number of women usually visit a reputable and licensed chiropractor in order to seek relief from the pain caused by the stress. You ought to use the payments that you make to the licensed chiropractor as proof that your intended procedure isn’t cosmetic in nature but medical.

How to Get Breast Reduction Surgery Covered By Insurance Tip#3: Attach Receipts from your Massage Therapist


Together with realignment sessions with a chiropractor, a regular massage is equally recommended highly because of its pain relieving technique. Patients that experience neck and back pain usually undergo therapy with a licensed massage therapist. For this reason, you need to retain all the payment stubs to act as proof for your insurance claim.

Other tips to help you get breast reduction procedure covered by insurance include:

  • Always take a couple of before and after photos of your breasts
  • Obtain all necessary details of the breast reduction procedure from your surgeon
  • Obtain a letter from your acupuncturist together with treatment records


Of great importance to note is the fact that many if not all insurance companies aren’t against breast reduction procedure. Nonetheless, the burden of proof rests with you. You must prove that the procedure was medical and not cosmetic. The above are some of the most effective tips to help you get your insurance to cover your breast reduction procedure. Try the tips today and enjoy substantial decrease in breast reduction surgery costs.